Turner Missions, led by Nate and Megan Turner is hosting an 11-week Zoom Training on a guide to minister healing. If you are passionate about praying for others and seeing lives healed like we are, this is for you. As we dive into The Essential Guide to Healing book series, written by Bill Johnson and Randy Clark, you will receive practical, proven, step-by-step guidance to ministering healing, including how to

 - understand your authority in the ministry of healing

- walk out the ministry of healing with anyone you meet and in your personal life  

- receive and relay words of knowledge

- Implement and apply a simple model of healing prayer

God’s miraculous healing is a part of the Good News and is still working today! Nate and Megan have a deep passion and desire to see the ministry of healing become a normal part of a person’s Christian walk. Having operated in the ministry of healing and personally experiencing numerous healings over the past few years whether on the street or in church, it has become a regular part of who they are in Christ and want to empower others to do the same and share their own experiences.


Information you need to know:

Cost? There is no cost to attend but you will be required to purchase The Essential Guide to Healing reading book and workbook as we will have weekly discussions. Donations appreciated to change lives in Europe. Click here to give now

Reading book

United States Links for books

United Kingdom Links for books


Reading book


Who? Anyone is welcome to participate in the United Kingdom or internationally.

How? Sign-up is required on or before Monday 4th May. You can sign-up below. You will need to purchase The Essential Guide to Healing book and workbook as soon as possible if you are wanting a physical copy. We highly recommend you order a digital copy of the reading book to avoid any disappointment with delivery due to our current circumstances. Delivery dates will vary depending on what country you are from. We are aware that some individuals may not receive their workbook until after the class has begun and that is alright.


When? This is an 11-week course. Training will begin on Sunday May 10th and run to July 19th 8:00-9:30 pm GMT/ 3:00-4:30 pm EST. Everyone will receive a Zoom link via email the day before the training begins.


Where? Zoom online.


Contact? Any questions at all, you can contact hello@turnermissions.org


We look forward to learning with YOU!

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