Changing the world by helping people experience Jesus.


Nate and Megan Turner are revivalists and full-time missionaries in Europe and the Directors of Turner Missions. Their passion is the pursuit of Jesus! For the past 16 years they have served in full-time ministry in various leadership roles inside and outside the church. The Turners are passionate about preaching the Gospel and equipping the Church to do the ‘active’ work in healing and prophetic ministry. Nate is a ‘healing prophet.’ Their desire is to have an impact on the church in Europe, EMEA and abroad in setting a normal standard of living through miracles, signs and wonders.

They lived in America until 2016 when they made the big move to the UK with their family on a call from God. Their deeper walk in the supernatural journey began in 2017 when they began operating in words of knowledge, non-stop studying of historical revivalists, healing ministry and how to operate in supernatural living just like Jesus did. As they sought these things out, they began to step out in faith and saw healings take place in shops, restaurants, churches, miracle clinics, etc…

They have been married since 2007 and have three children, Elias, Alexis and Luke.

"Turner Missions exists to bring divine awakening to the nations through the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ in miracles, signs and wonders. Equipping and training others to live a supernatural lifestyle in their communities, cities and nations(John 14:12)"

Turner Missions ⸻

Our mission

Turner Missions has a number of facets to their ministry.

  • The Divine Prayer Unit, a pop-up tent with a heart and drive to awaken, equip and activate the church.
  • 4-6 week Online healing & Prophetic training, two-three times a year.
  • Mission Team trips throughout Europe with intensive healing and gift of prophecy training and then going out publicly to activate and serve the city and churches.
  • Miraculous Mentorship, monthly training, smaller group mentoring with Nate/Megan and special guests.
  • Awakening Nights with worship, healing ministry, and preaching with the next day of healing/prophetic training to follow.
  • One/two-day Healing Training Intensives offered at various times throughout the year.
  • Online Divine Appointments